Lech rhymes with tech

There's more to my story than that, but you have
to start somewhere.

Some things to know about me: my background is in tech startups and consulting; I get excited about data, efficiency, problem-solving, and ideas with potential; a high school classmate's father referred to me as "Lech the Resourceful"; and I'm very interested in technology that gets people to engage with the outside world. Also, I like to crab (or any reason to be around the ocean).

Skills and Abilities

I have picked up a few talents over the years. Here is a sampling of those I find most useful and/or interesting.

  • Python
  • Analytics
  • JavaScript
  • PostgresQL
  • Reading (the docs)
  • Soccer


Here are a few of the projects I have built and contributed to. Check back often and please do not hesitate to submit thoughts, comments, and ideas!


Home renovation website with product search, visual collaboration, and integrated budget tools. Built on Rails with jCanvas and PdfMake.


Recreational guide and forecasting tool for the crabbing enthusiast, built with Django and PostgresQL.

Missing House

Single page online radio station, built with HTML/CSS/JavaScript.


Centralized services (publishing product info, monitoring activity, and handling customer interactions) for sellers on multiple online marketplaces. Built with Django and React.

Shift Tech's vehicle pricing tool

Led initial development of Shift's proprietary vehicle pricing tool and algorithm. Performed analytics, managed operations, and provided build specifications to engineering.

Birthday Pi

The only service on the interwebs that finds the Nth digit in pi that corresponds to your eight-digit birthdate. Calculated with Python (and help from MIT).


My first project! Uses JavaScript to create a randomly-generated pattern that mimics something I used to doodle in my marginalia.

Contact Me

Always interested in hearing from folks with similar interests! Drop me a line if you would like to collaborate on a project or have an idea you think is worth sharing.